Yakima County Real Estate Auction



Auction Location

BW Vintage Valley Inn, Zillah, WA December 19, 2018~1pm

  • Bidding Requires Pre-Qualification.
  • All offers are subject to Seller confirmation and acceptance of bid.
  • A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the high bid to determine the selling price. Bidder deposit is required to secure bidding participation, in addition to proof of adequate financial resources to close on the property.
  • A minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price will be required as earnest money at the close of the sale. The bidder deposit will be applied to that percentage.
  • Buyers should be prepared to issue a personal check for the balance due in excess of the bidder deposit.


14050 Pumphouse Road, White Swan WA


SOLD! $1,625,000

478 Gross Acres farm land

This property has frontage on Pumphouse Road, and is easily accessible to other county roads and Interstate 82.

Farm Service Agency aerials indicate the following field sizes

  • 338.01 Ac. Under Circle Irrigation
  • 101.66 Ac. Other fields of which approximately 60 acres are irrigated with solid set

Circles in excellent condition with installation dates from 2004 – 2013

  • 3 Valley Model 800 (3, 5 and 6 tower)
  • 4 T-L (3, 6 tower and 1, 5 tower)

Soils are primarily comprised of high quality Warden, Shano and Esquatzel silt loams

The farm is within the Wapato Irrigation District and has the following water rights


  • 238 A rights $79/year
  • 200 B rights $85/year
  • Additional 50 acres of “rental” rights


3471 Independence Road, Sunnyside, WA


SOLD! $1,292,500

This is 90 acre farm with a complete setup that was permitted for 1,699 mature dairy cows in dry lots.  The dairy milking capacity is estimated at 1,250 cows, with lock-ups for 1,513 mature head. There are concrete and asphalt feed lanes and wastewater retention ponds.   The permits have expired and any buyer wanting to start the dairy back up would have to reapply.

The milking parlor has a Double Germania Parallel milking system and equipment. There is one Alfa Laval 7,000 gallon milk tank and one 6,000 gallon milk tank

Buildings—There is a complete set of building typical to a dairy operation.  Also included is 30 x 60 shop/equipment shed with 4 bays and one overhead door.  The commodity barn has 6 bays and is 118’ x 29’.

Loafing Shed—There are 7 cow shades/loafing sheds.

Residences—There are two homes on the  property.  One has 1,776 sf of living area with 3 bedrooms an 2 bathrooms.  The other has 1,222 sf with a 240 sf basement.

There are two water wells on the property.  The irrigation system includes one Valley Model 8000 center pivots that covers about 12 acres and one 4 tower also Valley Model 8000 that covers about 13 acres.  There is an additional 25 acres under a stationary sprinkler system and hand lines between the circles.


Water Rights:  This property has 86.44 acres of water rights within the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District.